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In 1991 I obtained my Open Water Certification at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. At the end of the nineties, when I lived in the Netherlands, I did a lot of diving. This was followed by a longer break. Since 2013 I have been diving again activly and more and more often. In 2019 for example, I did a total of 167 dives, most of them in lakes and rivers in Switzerland.


Diving requires confidence and trust

Diving is a matter of confidence and trust. You have to have confidence in yourself (not too much, though!) and also be able to rely on your buddy and the organization you are diving with unconditionally, thus, you have to choose your partners well. In Switzerland, the Tauchclub Aquarius, in Sharm el Sheikh the Circle Divers have found my trust. In addition to these two regular diving events and locations, I also try to dive during other stays by the water, for example in September 2016, when I spontaneously completed a dive with a local guide during a linguistic conference in Slovenia.

A photographing diver, no diving photographer

For a long time I refused to take pictures underwater. In my opinion, diving is not a sport, it is a lifestyle. And my diving style is relaxed and enjoying. Underwater photography always seemed too nervous to me, the dive was no longer primarily about diving, but about hunting motives for pictures. A few years ago I still got into it, first with a small GoPro, then with an Olympus TG-5 that I drowned and now with an Olympus TG-6. All cameras can be attached to the BCD and forgotten. It is still important for me to enjoy diving, taking pictures underwater will always stay in second place. If I do see something interesting, I pull on the line to get my camera and take a picture. The rest of the dive is still calm and not dominated by the camera. You find more pictures in the section diving on my picture site.

ein Hecht
Ich unter Wasser

Passing on the passion

Since 2020 I have been a diving instructor and thus enjoy passing on my passion. At TSK Zürich we have courses on all levels.

fröhlicher Egli oder Flussbarsch